3 Bloggers I’ve never heard of

I’m new to writing blogs, but often read blogs about life and fashion. So here I am, creating my blog. My name is Aastha Dawer and a I’m currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion in Nottingham. So I’m supposed to write about bloggers whom I’ve never heard of and write my opinion about them.


3 2 1Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.45.09 PMCloset Freaks blog is about menswear and personal style blogger Anthony Urbano, he maintains the blog Closet Freaks for a classic look into men’s fashion. From how to mix prints to the best ways to sport yellow footwear, Urbano covers the range of outfits and looks. As I was reading the blog, I found it to be very useful for me as I started focusing on menswear at the same time. The prints being displayed and photographed are of rare combination.


6 5 42Trop Rouge blog is about a New York model with the best tousled hair, Christina Caradona has turned Trop Rouge into a must visit site for an inside look at model-slash-blogger. After going through and reading, I was in love with the blog because the photos and styling were very candid but at the same time the amount of make-up was minimalist to give the street style effect, the hairstyle in every photos shows effortless look which is perfect for street style.


9 8 7 1Atlantic Pacific, a blog by Blair Eadie, covers the life of a fashionista caught between coastal influences. As I was curious to know what this blog stores for its nature I was really happy and thrilled to know that it is a fashion blog. Atlantic and Pacific are two different coastal regions. The blogger also covers variety of aspects related to fashion and accessories. The blogger also talks about the beauty tips which is like a cherry on top of a cake.


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