The hardest thing in the world is to say goodbye knowing the fact that you will never meet the person again. It was time for me to leave my past and start a new life and studies in Nottingham Trent Uni. I’m going to study in Nottingham, which is small city, but at the same time it gives you the best of your university life which one can crave for. When I got the acceptance letter for my Fashion Communication and Promotion course, I was thrilled for a while but then I realized I will have to leave my family and friends behind and go there and study, I felt bad for a moment, but eventually got over that feeling. Being a fresher at University is a whole new exciting experience, you have oxymoron feelings. You are excited to make friends and study in University but at the same time you are nervous about the whole new place, will you make friends, will people good to you. I feel one has to shed their inhibition to come over the feeling which I just did. My first week in University was amazing, making most of the events and getting to know my flatmates better. The best part about being a fresher is that you get the chance to attend lot of events which are for freshers, where you can interact with other freshers. As soon as you start your uni, you know that those 3-4 years will be the best years of life. When you start living independently, you discover new things about yourself..

I consider myself lucky enough to be blessed with lovely flatmates who are there for you no matter what time of the day it is, if they weren’t my flatmates, I would have been feeling homesick. After attending the orientation and induction week of my course, I’m determined to reach my goals with high level of expectations from myself.


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