Talking about Strength and weakness….

Today in my seminar, we were discussing about general stuff which led to the talks of strength and weakness which we have in general and would like to overcome our weakness which at the same time are related to our course which is Fashion Communication and Promotion. Throughout the seminar I was constantly focussing on how to improve on my weakness to overcome the problems which I’m currently facing. As the seminar was proceeding towards the task and brief given,  I kept on asking what are the subjects that i’m good at.? I realized that I have a good knowledge about fashion trends/ styling but I lack the skills of fashion writing skills and PR, it was a relief for me to know that I will be concentrating more on fashion styling and trend forecasting. The seminar made me think about how to improve on my fashion writing skills!  At the end of the semester one, I want a new me so who overcame her weakness of fashion writing. This is the best time to quote Michael Jordan, “ my attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then i will turn that perceived weakness into strength.”

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