Imaginary Art!

elephants dali_1931_persistenceofmemoryDoing the research for color story for my project, I ended up looking at a magazine which had lots of color story and artworks from different and known artists. I was flipping through the pages and I thought, can imaginary art also be considered as a piece of art? Or is it just that art drawn with the help of imagination comes in a different category? According to my opinion, a piece of art drawn or made with the help of imagination will be considered art as it tells about the artist/person what they think about a particular thing or what they want the people to see through their eyes. According to me, imaginary art, is like expressing yourself (your fantasies, obsessions, your crazy thoughts) and being totally crazy. Totally crazy would be experimenting with the things which you will not do in real life or will not think of doing that would account more towards imaginary art (expressing yourself in your own crazy way). Like THE ELEPHANTS, made Salvador Dali, can be considered that he drew with his imagination, to be precise it was his imagination, because no one can think of making elephants stroked-legged (very thin legs), this work of his best-known icons of his work and adorn the walls of the Dali Museum in Spain. Dali’s work is more towards surrealism side of art at the same time has the imaginary/imagination factor in his artworks.

The second work of his THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY; is quiet imaginative. The well known, surrealist piece introduced the image of soft melting pocket watch. It epitomizes Dali’s theory of “softness” and “hardness”, which was central to his thinking at the time. What I perceived from seeing his surrealistic artwork was the fact that forever is a lie, time is there but it doesn’t last forever so whatever you want to say to people or think/feel about them you should let them know. Time never comes back for anyone its like an ice, it will melt if you don’t use your time properly.


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