Unknown 97769The secret world of haute couture is a one hour documentary is quite interesting. On occasions like Oscars, celebrities chose to wear haute couture. I was surprised to the fact that the haute couture in Paris had to hand made otherwise it is not considered haute couture! At the same time I became aware of the prices of haute couture pieces.. ranging from twenty-thirty thousand dollars for a skirt or blouse to hundred thousand dollars for a dress… these prices are astonishing, higher than i’d imagined. The documentary also introduced me to different club members of haute couture such as Becca Cason Thrash, who is philanthropist and comes from the working class family, she made her way to haute couture club. Furthermore, Baroness Helene de Ludinghausen, director of Yves Saint Laurent from the year 1971-2002, according to her the haute couture is purchased due to the quality of the garment. 

As a part of the club member its not enough to wear clothes, you have to appreciate how they have been made, its the part of subculture! wow!! To my surprise it takes 150 hours to make a haute couture garment, that’s approximately  6days and 6 hours, but this work is paid off because the garment is made in perfection. The documentary also presented Karl Lagerfeld, as he designed and created amazing haute couture garments. The designers of haute couture used ‘art’ as a source of inspiration tool, for example, Ralph Rucci’s haute couture show in Paris used artist ‘Cy twombly’ prints on his dresses.. after seeing a glance of that.. it felt it was so magical. I learnt that the haute couture market is shrinking and the designers are now creating fragrances so that other women, with a lower income can join the club of haute couture. It was quite absurd for me to know that women who were thin enough to fit into a haute couture garment got 30% discount, but people with a different body figure were to pay more to get it made again!!

this documentary also helped to me increase my knowledge about haute couture and the different brands which does make haute couture garments.


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