Mademoiselle C movie Review..

MademoiselleC_mainSeeing this movie called Mademoiselle C, I got to know more about the fashion world and people in it. The ‘C’ stands for Carine Roitfeld, who was the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. Before that, she was the muse of Tom Ford’s at Gucci in the 1990s, helping to define and give the identity to the label’s distinctive brand of daring, sexually charged design – porno-chic. Roitfeld gave the sense of sophistication through her clothes, she wore leggy and sleekly Parisian in her high heels, pencil skirts and plunging button-down blouses. Her own style has become hugely influential and made her as celebrity alongside a fashion-concious stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kayne West, whom she counted as friends. Roitfeld is way more chatty than Anna Wintour, who was the subject for documentary for september issue (2009). At the same time I feel Roitfeld was a bit a mysterious person; in a rare flash of deep emotions, she gets choked up while reflecting on the power and being a grandmother. Still, Roitfeld is who she is, providing intimate access to luxurious world. I feel that the movie explores the gap between reality and fiction. As the movie unfolds it tells us, how becoming a grandmother for the first time influences not only Roitfeld but her work as well. If fashion interests you, one should see this movie, it will draw you in for an hour and a half..  


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