Understanding the Brands..

Day before yesterday, I had my seminar about Brands, though my timetable said we will have a brand quiz, I was very excited to go for that seminar. Being a fashion student, I need to know about brands. The brief given in the seminar was to we have to list down our favorite brand and the brand which we don’t like in the subject of non-fashion, this task was to be done in a pair of two and the content which it had to cover were brand essence, brand values, brand personality and brand action. Task was done and was followed by the brand quiz which was to done in a team of six members. I knew quite a lot of brands which were asked in the seminar but when it came to see celebrities and identify which brand they are associated got tuff for me.

The best part of this seminar was, that it had increased my knowledge about brands not on the facts and superficial bases but to a much deeper context of it.. for example, MAC (the cosmetics brand) has good brand personality, it helped to understand the main reason why the brand exist and for what reason, a simpler word to that would, brand essence.


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