Magazine Analysis: Cosmopolitan!

Being in the end of week 4, of my university, its been a month that I’m here in Nottingham. In yesterday’s seminar of my course, we had to analysis the magazine cover and content images which we chose, it could be anything which we chose inside the magazine, but having the condition of knowing that magazine well. So my chosen magazine was Cosmopolitan. 

Semiotic analysis, a skill that you consciously slowdown the process of analyzing to workout what the image signifies and it’s meaning.

Vagabond shoe makers

Vagabond shoemakers


  • Focus emphasis
  • Simple image
  • Irony hidden 
  • Obvious what it wants to sell
  • Color palette varies

This imagery is an advertisement for shoe brand, using the media of photography as main tool


  • Singular woman
  • emphasis on shoes
  • model directly looking into the camera with a blank expression
  • brand logo
  • semi reflection of back of model on mirror
  • model sitting on chair made of wood
  • messy hair (slightly)


  • lonely woman
  • Minimal make-up on model
  • irony hidden, because being a vagabond suggests being on roads and wandering and not having home, here the model is sitting on chair and even the clothes put up are not of vagabond. this makes it ironical 
  • the focus emphasis on the boots worn by the model which are of tan color which stands out from the overall composition of the imagery
  • Pose by model is directly on camera and having blank expression 


  • The image is about a shoe company, advertising for their product, the shoes are produced by Vagabond shoemakers but the shoot is done by someone which is not disclosed online. The tan boots is the main focus and belongs to their autumn collection, made of pure leather, the product will cost around 250USD. As said before brand’s name is Vagabond, it doesn’t feel like having that essence of brand as the model’s clothes and appearance doesn’t look of a vagabond, but this might work their favor, this might be an invitation to other consumers rather than people who like to dressed in somewhat of a vagabond style. The image is produced for women collection of shoes for autumn 2014, seeing the trends popping for autumn, the color chosen for shoes is quite in trend. Photography has been used for the campaign as its been produced to be printed a magazine and this would be the appropriate media. Vagabond is a Swedish shoe fashion company, dedicated to style and inspired by our many users around the world. For the company, Vagabond brings to mind a sense of curiosity, a journey within each person, never coming to standstill or becoming bore. Having this thought definitely makes what is apt for the shoot. As said before in my previous post, the power of an image, We only create the images in today’s world and at times they only control us, the image does tell a story to us but the story is not a clear picture to pen it down.

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