Power of an image..

Having many lectures on images and their power, I’m here to write what power does images hold which we see on daily basis. My experience with power of an image. For me the power of images would be which has a deeper meaning to it and at the same time it catches your eye. For example, we see hundred kinds of images daily like we see images on hoardings, magazines, newspapers, and brochures, catalogues. The images are so compelling that we cannot not see them. Some raises issues; some are for fun (fun would include telling the people about a particular event, or for sale in a shopping mall/arcade), etc.

Hegemony is the dominance of one social class over the others. We do see images, which have the hegemony factor in them. It brings the social divide among people. For example, high-class brands such as Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Stella Mccartney brings the social divide among the people and at times due the dominance, it also the changes the ways of seeing as said in the lecture. We only create the images in today’s world and at times they only control us. 


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