Gendered Sexuality and objects.

Being a Fashion communication student, you need to know lot of things and learn new things. Reading the book Fashion Icons, as my essential reading, I came across a topic of feminine and masculine, in other words the topic talked about categorizing them into gendered objects and sexuality.

In studying gendered objects it is necessary to locate them both historically and within the sphere of consumption. Considering objects and gender together might suggest that they have been isolated here as pre-selected specimens to illustrate specific finite to human interactions. Gendered sexuality, very broadly defined, refers to the way in which gender and sexuality are often viewed as likened constructs, whereby the role of gender in an individual’s life is informed by and impacts others’ perceptions of their sexuality. If a man were to behave in feminine ways, his sexuality, I rather say heterosexuality would have been doubted for the same reason, and the individuals may assume him to be gay. The recent example, which I came across, was quite hilarious one, even in a ‘ladies’ lavatory- a room where men are excluded- it is still deemed necessary to label as ‘female’ products which are not used by them, these illustrate the irrational and arbitrary nature of much of the gendering of objects.


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