The FCP process!

Instead of having a lecture in the morning, we had a short movie-cum episode of Grayson Perry, who are you? Overall, the screening of that was really interesting, shows how Grayson Perry is out for looking at subjects for his portraits having the extremes of modern life for his portrait. He had chosen 4 different personalities, poles apart from each other if compared. He covered religion, identity issue, fame and power in portraits.

The process which he undergoes is very interesting to watch. As there is a specific cycle (for me it is!):

  • context (insight led strategy)
  • the big idea (an idea that disrupts and creates impact to achieve the stated aim)
  • creative concept (creative interpretation of the big idea)
  • execution (finalised outcomes and integrated communication)

the whole process can be named as FCP process (as named in my seminar). Undergoing through FCP process has helped me in many ways. This process was an advantage for me as I had done foundation and I had undergone a similar process to achieve my desired outcome of the project.


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