Color manipulation!

Learning photoshop is big task, it is very interesting to know you can manipulate images to your benefit and with color manipulation too! This skill is essential for very design student to manipulate posters, photoshoots or just creating flyers. 

We had to choose a photo, could be related to fashion, or any subject for that matter and we had to manipulate the image to our desire using the color palette of your own choice (but keeping in mind having 5 color maximum in the color palette). My palette was of Frozen Pastels. The image is manipulated is of Bollywood actress. The manipulation covers Luminosity, Halftone pattern, Hue and Saturation, Replace color and duotone with an original photo to compare the color manipulation done to the image.

Deepika Padukone (bollywood actress)

Deepika Padukone (bollywood actress)


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