Looking at different styles of moodboard…

On Thursday, we had our seminar for moldboard style.. which will be based on the brand which we are choosing for our final term 1 project. There are several type of styles for the moodboard:

  • grid
  • freeform
  • minimum
  • maximum

We had to cover each style while making the moldboard from the chosen color story, my story being soft pastels! I selected various images for my palette from magazines, cloths, mixed media, personal imagery. Here are the outcomes produced in the class for each compositional style of moodboard

photo 4

maximum experiment:1

photo 3

minimum experiment:1

photo 2

freefrom experiment:1

photo 1

Grid experiment:1

Talking about the success and fails of the moodboard, I personally find that maximum experiment:1 works best for me in terms of layout and the mood, because that one has more of pastels and self-design looks of pastel figures with mixed media involved in it! I also find the grid experiment:1 working out for me as it also evokes the pastel emotions. I have also experimented with scale by using larger and smaller images; this means that the larger images become the focal point, creating dominant areas. Most of the imagery used to create 4 different moodboard works well with the pastel palette.

Though I’ve just done one experiment each for the moodboard, doing further research on my chosen brand (i.e Matthew Williamson), the moodboard is more inclined towards Grid and minimum. The brand Matthew Williamson lives up to the feminine, Bohemian style with lots of patterns and prints for display but at the same time keeping it subtle. herefore, using the ‘minimum’ compositional style works well with their brand identity. It will allow the quality of the imagery to stand out representing the high quality of the brands clothing, accessories and fragrance!


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