Fashion imagery!

Having this Seminar about decoding fashion imagery and understanding the deeper aspect of fashion image. What really makes a fashion image! what are the aspects and which aspects are important for a fashion image!! This seminar was one of the best so far, it helped me to increase my knowledge about fashion imagery. 

We focused on fashion image analysis by looking at 9 elements that could be portrayed in a fashion image:

  1. CONCEPT (ideas and inspiration)
  2. PROPS (objects and emphasis)
  3. NARRATIVE (humour and wit)
  4. REFERENCE (culture and history)
  5. LOCATION (place and space)
  6. CASTING (model and type)
  7. LIGHTING (mood and post production)
  8. COLOUR (tone and post production)
  9. COMPOSITION (crop and post production

loads of people work behind the scene to make a photoshoot successful, this can be seen in the adverts of fashion clothing, brands etc, which we see everyday. We were given the task to look at the fashion images in a pair of two, (we had to bring our own magazines) the magazines which me and my partner analyzed were: Elle, Vogue India, Bazaar India, Porter, Glamour, Cosmopolitan. We looked at the images which had all the 9 elements at the same time looking at literal representation, romanticized and mockery.

the first image which we analyzed was from Vogue India:

Vogue India, the image is about a brand specializing in selling rugs.

Vogue India, the image is about a brand specializing in selling rugs.

The elements covered by the this image are concept, props, reference, location, lighting, color and composition but the most important element of the image are color, reference, composition and lighting. There is a concept behind the image, it shows a woman with her cat having a lavish lifestyle seeing the type of rug she owns. The prop used here is the house which we see partially which is covered by the rug. The reference is made to a rich and lavish lifestyle. The location is a house here and the lighting is there to shoot as the effect of rug is the focus point. The color and composition is at its best having the same background and foreground mixes up and it seems the image has been equalized by cropping it.

The 3 different elements here which are literal representation, romanticized and mockery are there but in a certain percentage.

Literal representation here is 80% followed by 20% of romanticized. here the reference of romanticized is to the story which the image is trying to sell (story being a rich girl, living a lavish lifestyle) and literal representation is the catalogue shot for the brand specifying what the brand sells here the brand is selling rugs

Overall, I’ve learnt how to decode fashion image using the elements taught!


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