Liberty Of London: the documentary!

Liberty Department store

Liberty Department store

Liberty of London: the department store documentary made me learn new things and made me understand of how Liberty of London store works, it has a unique and innovational atmosphere. It makes the customers to experience the store to their fullest satisfaction. The store has a creative environment, they present products ranging from high end designer items to 50pence button!

Ed Burstell

Ed Burstell

scarves display

store interior

hermes display2

scarves display

Scarves on display

Scarves on display with wings

In the first episode of the documentary, we see Ed Burstell (managing director of Liberty). He takes us on a ride of his ideas and concept of how to re-vamp the store which is 139-140 years old, but at the same time keeping the traditional stamp and tag of the store. It was really shocking to know that the scarves sold in store is had always been a tradition since the 1970s! Keeping this fact in the mind, Ed Burstell wanted to keep the scarves on the first floor, but re-designing it at the same time. With the help of Liz Silvester (store designer) thought of creating more visually appealing and engaging scarves by having mannequins with wings but wings being scarves. Liz Silvester took a step further by engaging herself into re-design some parts of the store which customers have never seen! 

The episode also features how Ed Burstell was open to ideas and concepts, he even held an open call day by allowing people to pitch their design and products to the man himself, to see what he could select and take on in store. Ed Burstell was looking for unique products that could fit in the store and that would sell to his contemporary customers. He was so precise that he took on only 12 products, this shows he was clear with the identity of the store and understanding the customers so well. He went to ask the staff member of store to change his attire as that was not going with the store atmosphere.

In the second part of the documentary, it shows how the store is planning to attract new customers through different modes of promotion. I gained lot of knowledge how important it is to be creative in terms of promotion to be a successful store in general. Liberty’s success is due to the clear identity and they also have staff who understand the customers and their needs really well. Liberty is not just a department store, its an innovational experience!!


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