fashion doing good or bad to society?

Here I am writing about is fashion doing good or bad to society in which we live! There many notions and perceptions of people on this but foregoing most of the cons and pros, the statement highlighted here is yes, fashion is doing bad to society. (No hard comments to anyone but this for the debate which me and my teammates will be having, and we are for the motion)

Seeing the production of cotton shirts, it is shocking to know that production one cotton shirt takes 2,700 litres of water!! that’s not the only issue. There are lot of social, environmental, psychological impact of fashion on us! The social and environmental factors are many. The water bodies are affected due to the amount of trash dumped of cloth and dyes which affects the marine life of animals and people staying near the waterbody, it affects the well being of people their lifestyle and they are more prone to catch diseases which might not be curable!

The psychological impact is that many celebrities often opt to wear new outfits for the events they attend, and never repeat their outfit, this might have an affect on consumers especially young women and girls, which often leads to spend most of their income on buying clothes and never repeating it. At the same time, fast fashion trends are also a part of it, new trends are coming in and consumers are attracted to that look and want that (making them spend more on clothing like I said before).

It is quite interesting to argue for the motion knowing that the opponent team has the answer for each and every point put forward.


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