4 trends that men just don’t get..!

This blog is more about reflection on what e learn each day in Fashion communication and promotion, but today I’m posting about the trends. As the course is processing towards the christmas break and learning new skills each day, I’m getting clear on what to do after this course, being a trend forecaster or a stylist. 

Seeing trends which all the young women and girls love are here, which men just don’t get it!

1. oversized bags

we love to carry and flaunt oversized tote. Don’t ask what stuff; it’s just essential to our daily lives!

over-sized bags

over-sized bags

2. sky high heels

yes, heels makes us look taller than you (guys), we occasionally stamp on you guys once in a while, but they make us look taller than you.. so it’s worth wearing!

sky high heels

sky high heels

3. sequined dresses 

the sequined dress maybe a pain for us, having rashes but it is worth wearing due to the trend going on… oh yes we love fashion..!

sequined dress

sequined dress

4.  bright lipstick

notice: bright red lipstick is in and it is here to stay! 

bright red lipstick

bright red lipstick


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