Interesting ways to reuse denim.!

This is something which is not related to my course directly but having put a post recently about fashion does more damage to than good to society, I’m here to write about how one can make a difference. On regular basis we all are exposed to denim at large or at small. So here I am.. How to reuse the denim and do our part as a consumer.

Denim cushions

Denim cushions


Denim bag: take the old pair of jeans to the tailor and get a bag made either a sling, girly handbag or even a backpack stitched.

Lampshade: If you are bored with your lampshade, cut your denim into small pieces and stick them on it. In this you will have a new lampshade. If this doesn’t interest you, you could always make your lampshade cover from the scratch

Multi-purpose holder: If you have lot of jeans that aren’t being used, this is probably the best thing to make. Snip the pockets off all the jeans and keep them aside. cover a thick board with fabric go your choice and stick the pockets on to the board with a fabric glue. You could use this board as a pen holder in your room or put up in the kitchen to hold forks, spoons and knifes.

Coasters: this is probably the simplest to make. cut an artboard and into squares. now cut the denim into squares slightly bigger than artboard, stick the fabric over it and your denim coasters are ready to use

Cushion covers: cut the fabric into small squares and stitch them together to form two bigger squares, enough to contain your cushions, then place the two big squares one on top of the other and stitch three sides, attach a zipper on the unstitched side. Now you have a patch-worked denim cushion cover


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