‘Object of Desire’ Photo!

My object for desire. Desire for Jewelry

My object for desire. Desire for Jewelry

2 weeks back during the course period, we were given a task to take a photo for our brief, theme being Object of Desire. Since theme is desire, I made a mind map of what I think people have desire for. The brief had specific requirement for us to fulfill for the project given. The criteria was the image should have theme, message, context, location, composition, lighting, color and props. 

Having a mind map for this project helped me in many ways, I came with different ideas and themes for the project ranging from desire to wander to desire for jewelry! The idea here was to explore to the maximum content so that I have enough inspiration to start my work with. The idea of having the ‘desire for sins’ was quite appealing to me at first but using all the sins a photograph would not have done justice to object here, since all sins have different objects and if this was done lot of confusion would have been created. 

mind map for object of desire

mind map for object of desire

I selected desire for jewelry. Coming from the Indian background and culture, jewelry plays and important role in part of women’s life. In my photo, I’ve done a self-portrait for the theme. I’ve used the night glam and jewelry together to portray the desire for the same. The significance of jewelry in India is evident from the fact that on many auspicious occasions, jewelry forms a part of gifts.Jewelry gifted to women at the time of her marriage is called ‘stridhan’ i.e. wealth of women, which in short is symbol of wealth, power and femininity. The main idea of the image is to create a impact how each and every woman has a desire for jewelry.


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