The time I had watched Fashion!

Fashion: bollywood movie

Fashion: bollywood movie

Yes many of you maybe wondering about the title, there is a film called Fashion which is a Bollywood movie. I’ve developed this habit of watching a movie related to fashion every week and this week’s movie was Fashion a Bollywood movie starring Priyanka Chopra as the lead role. The film was directed by Madhur Bandharkar and movie was released in 2008. 

The film is about an aspiring model, Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra), it follows her transformation from small town girl to supermodel, the Indian Fashion industry and the careers of several other models. The movie tells an unending human tale of ambition, success, degradation and re-emergence set against the backdrop of the fashion industry. From the moment she sets her foot in the glam world, Meghna is exposed to the superficialities and ugly realities of the glam world of appearances. It’s a world where men are fashionably gay and women are used as eye candy in elite parties. On her way up the ladder, Meghna has to make many compromises. She has to pose in lingerie just to get her portfolio made. She has to put her work above her personal life to climb the ladder of success. 

As Meghna gets sucked into the world of fashion, she becomes a victim of her own success. She loses her boyfriend Maanav a struggling model who opened his doors to her when she had nowhere to go. She loses her good friend Janet, whom she befriended as a struggler. And, above all, she loses her self-respect and her confidence after being used and dumped by the modeling agency Panache and its owner. Parallel to Meghna’s story is the brief tale of Shonali, a cocaine-snorting, cranky, lanky model who is a show-stopper at fashion shows. Like Meghna, Shonali, too, has been used and dumped by the glam world. The only difference is that Meghna bounces back after hitting the rock bottom, while Shonali bites the dust.

It is one Bollywood movie to which every model can relate to (I think!) it shows how each and every supermodel envy each other and don’t leave a chance to badmouth! it is a harsh reality of models but at the same time I feel some parts of the movie are cliched. It is a one time watch. 🙂 


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