Final Moodboard!

I had to create two moodboards for my project which addresses a color story and brand specific moodboard. The requirement of the first moodboard is that you understand the color and create a color story and the second moodboard is about a brand which has the same color palette or story as yours.

My color story is of pastels. here is the final moodboard of my color story.

colour story

color story: Pastel, Misty Chic

Here is my second moodboard, the brand moodboard! the brand for this moodboard is Matthew Williamson.

Brand moodboard: matthew Williamson

Brand moodboard: matthew Williamson

Since there are 4 styles for mooddboard, I chose freeform and Maximum for my color story. Doing a detail research on Matthew Williamson, I got to know his style of moodboard making (it’s Maximum and grid style) so interpret the collection of his Pre-Spring 2015, I used the same style of moodboard making.

The moodboards were handmade on a textured paper then mounted on A3 mounting board, the finishing touches were given on photoshop.


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