Covet fashion.. the next big thing?

Having many assignments lined for the submissions for semester one, I was quite confused for one of projects, that is the next big thing! the brief said we have to choose one brand (can be fashion, lifestyle, sport or website or an application) and discuss why is that the next big thing in 1500 words and create a visual report for the same! I had shortlisted many brands for the same.. in my list there were Topshop, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister etc but then I thought it is very common as everyone would be choosing clothing  or lifestyle brands for this project and there might be a probability if I choose a fashion brand it might chosen by my classmates, so to avoid that and make something really unique for this project of mine I chose to focus on a gaming application which is related to the fashion industry. Yes! the name of the app is ‘COVET FASHION’ available to iOS and android users (its a free download).

Covet fashion

Covet fashion

so let me just discuss some of the key points of the game. Covet fashion’ is a trending application among the stylist and fashion lovers, fashion obsessed and students. The creators of this app are Crowdstar Inc in partnership with Rachel Zoe. Yes Rachel Zoe the famous fashion stylist! The rating of this app is 4.5/5. The app has their website too where the link is available to download this app ( This is an application, which everyone can use; it’s a gaming application! Covet ftashion is one ultimate application that lets you create head-to-toe looks with actual brands. There are over 60 top brands to shop from, some of them being BCBG, French Connection, Nicole Miller etc. Rachel Zoe is their style Ambassador. Covet is a brand new platform for users to express their personal style.


Rachel Zoe logo



French Connection logo

French Connection logo

At the same time you can shop for yourself, through a virtual link and earn virtual cash in the game! this is what makes unusual from rest of the styling games, so that’s why I feel COVET FASHION is the next big thing for me


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