Skinny models no longer glam up the ramp

I realized that after having debate on is fashion doing good to society, I really became aware of the facts that are present in the industry. I recently read an article about models, so thought of discussing with my readers.

It’s back to haunt women again- the size zero issue. A few years ago, Madrid banned anorexic models from walking the ramp. And recently, Israel has banned models who don’t maintain a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5% in response to a reality check, albeit a little late, on the rampant spreading of eating disorders among female models.

But even as we get to hear of these things, fact is that the ramp does create an illusion of glamour, which is lapped up by girls who look up to the models, thereby being obsessed with them being skinny. Even Giorgio Armani had admitted that ‘skinny is glam’ is not nothing but a ‘fashionable myth.’

Though India doesn’t really have too many skinny models, the fixation to be ‘thin’ is on a high. Idolizing models or actresses is a custom among many girls, and aping their look is one of the most-followed trends in our country.


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