Semester one ends!

After having this hectic week of submissions and creating your portfolio made me realize that semester one has finally come to an end! The whole of semester was so much fun, since the content of this semester was Visual Awareness, we had got briefs which were particularly targeting the brands in the market, to understand their functioning, how they came in existence and their target audience basically what is behind the label of that brand. The key points and whatever I’ve learnt in this semester is quite insightful and helped me understand brands a lot by just seeing their advertisement, logo, color palette and their collection. Having taught photoshop in this semester was really exciting for me.. I always wanted to learn photoshop and that happened. I loved this semester as I had a weak point of expressing myself but now I’m comfortable in expressing myself and especially having to create a blog as a part of this course, has helped me in the same context! I continue to write blogs even when I have off from uni! I’ve been expressing myself in the context of fashion, my reflections on what I learn, life and art! It is quite hard for me believe that 19 weeks journey (for semester one is over!)


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