1950s Moodboard!

Following my previous post of World of 1950s, I was required to make a moodboard, on one of the eras of fashion or a movement, so I chose 1950s as my era to work on, for inspiration I had gone on pinterest, I was so intrigued by the hairstyle and makeup that I created a new board on my Pinterest, named 1950s world. Since there four different categories to create moodboard, namely Grid, Freeform, Minimum and maximum, I’mm confused on what particular style I should be incoporating for my moodboard! I’m comfortable with Grid so this time I will not be using the grid layout for my moodboard, I’m going to step out of the comfort-zone and practice something new and make myself better at that too. Figuring out the name to describe the moodboard was quite a task for me, since I’ve made two moodboards one depicting the women’s fashion and other men’s fashion. If I reflect back upon the past works I’ve done, I was always chosen women’s fashion as my priority to work on so again, I’m stepping out of the comfort zone and going to practice and make FIRST EVER MENS FASHION MOODBOARD!! so here they are: 

Women's fashion moodboard

Women’s fashion moodboard

I’ve used the overlay technique and drop shadow to create depth in my moodboard, and experimenting with the style of the moodboard too.

Men's fashion moodboard

Men’s fashion moodboard

Here I’ve combined the different clothing and styles together to depict men’s fashion in 1950s. Hope all of you like it


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