Something Old, Something New: Documentary, BBC

Given one of the tasks for the reading week was to watch the documentary on fragrance, names Something Old, Something New, so here I am writing my reflection on the first episode of the documentary. 

This episode is targeting the consumers and their different desires in the fragrance industry. The documentary features a woman and her young daughter going to a store and making her daughter buy her first fragrance of Guerlain. This episode talks about the traditional values and compares it (of Guerlain) to Tommy Hilfiger. Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain started the brand in 1828 and his fragrance became popular with the high society, it was also popular among the British Royalty. Since then, Guerlain has stuck to the same recipes and ingredients used in the 1800s, having the same ingredients and recopies it still manages to attract their loyal and upper-class people. Mother’s day is the biggest day of perfume for Guerlain, whereas for mass market fragrance brand, christmas is the day, Christmas is the time for mass consumerism. 

Guerlian Perfume

Guerlian Perfume

The documentary/ episode also follows Tommy Hilfiger and the development of fragrance Loud. Fragrance in today’s world is more of a fashion item which one can change and buy new one if a person doesn’t like. Tommy Hilfiger’s main idea was that he wanted to target the young generation and his inspiration was Rock n Roll, as the young generation is constantly listening to the same. Patchouli was the main ingredient used in the making, as it was also used in the hippy era. Rose was another main ingredient, as it has been one of the best scents in the past. Indie Band, The Ting Tings and Daisy Lowe were used to shoot the campaign of the fragrance, as they were popular among the youth. The fragrance turned out to be a huge success for the target market which tell us the difference among the present day consumers/customers and the traditional ones.

Loud perfume campaign

Loud perfume campaign

Loud perfume by Tommy Hilfiger

Loud perfume by Tommy Hilfiger

The documentary episode was about 57 mins, which gave me useful insights on Guerlian and Tommy Hilfiger, it would be been more insightful and interesting where certain terms and process of perfume making were more targeting to consumer understanding and viewers. If you want to watch this documentary then click on the link. (


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