Bottling the memory: BBC, Documentary

This is the second Part of the documentary, (Something Old, Something New), this episode was about an hour. This episode is more focused towards how perfumes are made and perfumers in the industry. Christopher Brosius is one of the perfumers who stands out from rest as he is making perfumes which are in people’s daily life, a scent which is familiar to everyone. For example, he is actually making a perfume of a perspiring person, to top it all he has created fragrances of roast beef for one of his client. The documentary features a client who wants to fragrance created which will make him smell like England. This is the main point of this documentary. The process costs the client over $2,000! 

Hermes Perfume

Hermes Perfume

Furthermore, it showed a perfumer who works for Hermes. The fragrances of his are fantasy inspired and where he lives reflects that, ‘he lives like a monk in a forest’. He explains how the color and texture are parallel while making a fragrance. For instance, red color could signify of being warm, having the spice, and metal could be cool fragrance. He used to attend a school of fragrance, which were run by perfumers, where out of 100s of applicants only 5 would be selected or less at times, and sometimes none of the applicants were selected. For three years, the students would learn about 500 smells, and which goes with what to create a nice and a pleasing smell. The students create a perfume of their own, later which will become some brands signature perfume.

The second episode is much better, as it shows the desires of people with unusual smell, and this episode was more directed to perfume making! here’s the link for the second part: (


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