The smell of the future: BBC documentary

This is the final part of the documentary, it lasted for 50 minutes. The documentary talked about regional differences and preferences in fragrances. It talks about the fragrance preference keeping the cultural nose in mind. At the moment, the European and the American marketing is declining, the Asian and Brazil market are booming, Brazil in particular. Having said about the cultural nose, different countries have different desire and requirement for fragrance. For example, Russia wants rich and heavy scents, Brazil wants fruity and fresh scents, China wants light and airy scents. Arabia wants oriental and musky scents.

Brazil is a huge scent/fragrance market as people of Brazil like to smell fresh and clean all the time due to the humid and hot weather! furthermore, most cannot afford the high-end perfume they use air freshers, toilet cleaners, fabric softener. Intact the latest craze and trend there, is Tutti Frutti, scented footwear. Lynx, the fragrance company, is now focusing on Brazil as their product appeal to them- they are cheap and make you smell fresh and clean all the time. The documentary stated that about 20% of Avon’s worldwide revenue is due the fragrances which are sold in Brazil, 1% of Brazil’s population is selling Avon’s products!! Most fragrance companies work on the basis of their fragrance is not popular in Brazil, it might fail everywhere else in the world.

Lynx perfume

Lynx perfume

As they opposite can also work for some, the fragrance company, Grossmith, sell fine perfumes based on the recipes of Victorian scents and musky smell, which is quite popular in the Middle East. The most popular ingredient known as civet in the scent comes from Cat’s anus! ew! this was the kind of smell which the Victorian’s loved and wore it!  each bottle sells around £6000, so they are popular with them and the upper-class customers.

Grossmith Perfume range

Grossmith Perfume range

The episode was really interesting, I was intrigued by this episode, how people have different preference for scents and fragrances. I also learnt that different countries have different requirement of smell, like a cultural nose, as I mentioned before, the whole series of this documentary was interesting to watch. here’s the link to watch the final part (


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