Semester 2: Creative networks (Day 1)

So after two weeks long break, I rather call it reading week! having that made me realize during the break, I had some tasks to do, after finishing those I was ideal and wondering what shall I do next, so I thought when my new semester starts I will be blogging daily, somewhat “daily blogging” it will not help me but will make me understand the important aspect of blogging. I had my first class of semester two today! yes! it was amazing, the lecture talked about the scent trend and categorizing them into sensuality and indulgence, trust and honesty, humor and kitsch, tradition and heritage. During the seminar, we all were in groups of threes or fours and our task was to bring 15-20 pieces of advertisement of perfumes, we all shared the advertisements and later started categorizing them in the mentioned category above! Some of them were easy to categorize, the difficulty which we faced were that most of had the same advertisement, e.g. Miss Dior, we all had that advert, and many others to count, but still we overcame that difficulty. 

Miss Dior Advert

Miss Dior Advert

The easiest to categorize was humor and kitsch as they were easy to spot! the basic understanding of this category is that it’s ironic, theatrical, being bubbly etc. This is our findings of humor and kitsch. 

Humor and Kitsch

Humor and Kitsch

The images collected here, had reference to mockery, theatre.

The second category which we analyzed was Trust and honesty. the basic elements of this category is that when a person spots this they know what it is about, being straight-forward, could be a catalogue shot of the bottle but at the same time it does signify what elements have been used to create that fragrance or a romanticized shot but it tells the story of the main element used in the fragrance making. This is our findings of trust and honesty.

photo 3

Truth and honesty

The third category was not really a category it was more of a color based. The dominant color is blue, how blue has been used by different brands to portray their story and perfumes.

photo 5


The fourth category which we analyzed was sensuality and indulgence, since the category is this there is reference to be raw, exotic, seductive, passionate having a reference to sex. This is our findings for sensuality and indulgence. 

photo 6

Sensuality and indulgence

The fifth category is not really a category it is grayscale shots of models where the only visual contrast is the color of the perfume bottle and the models are not holding the bottle it is placed there. This is our findings for the same. Some of the images might be repetitive from the category of sensuality and indulgence because the visual contrast too plays an important role in the making of sensual and indulgence advert of perfumes.   



The sixth category is more of surrealistic category I rather say. Which symbolizes more towards dream-like fragrances. This is our finding for the same. Again it does include the adverts from sensuality and indulgence because some the adverts are sub-category to dream-like.



The seventh category is more of traditional and heritage. Which is more towards being old. This is our findings for the same. 

photo 9

Tradition and heritage

To comment on the whole exercise, I would say today I got to learn more about the adverts in the perfume industry how to categorize the advert and judge the perfume fragrance would be like if I see the advert. Today’s skill was worth learning.

i might be repeating myself but from now onwards to improve myself on my blog I will writing daily blogs, related to my course, fashion styling tips and general stuff. To follow my other readings search #fashionfeed.


Aastha x 


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