When I started working on InDesign (Day 2)

This is my second day blogging for my daily blogging of what I mentioned in my previous post! Tuesdays are usually easy as we have software learning class.. So in semester 2, we are going to learn InDesign. I have no idea how to operate this software.  I’ve seen some of the tutorials online and even jotted down notes on how to operate some of the basic features. 

InDesign tutorial online

InDesign tutorial online

InDesign logo

InDesign logo

In my seminar, I learnt how to export an image to InDesign and create columns. Learning this is necessary as the project of fragrance trend booklet is coming up and we have to use InDesign for the same. To startup with the project we were given some starting points. Those starting points being links given to watch the tutorial on how to operate InDesign, how to start up with the booklet etc. To start with the booklet we have look at trends which are currently there but we have to predict what will that be in future by having the elements of text, images.

We even have do a mock-up sketch of the trend booklet to get some idea on how to go about the grinding system and placing of images. To understand this aspect better I will be going on to pintrest and search the same to get some idea and inspiration for this project of mine. 

—- Aastha x


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