Book Review: Hegarty on creativity! (Day 3)

My Wednesdays are usually off from uni, so I thought of writing the book review which I was told before, not that I’m writing it now, I just saw it was on private mode so nobody else could see! Hegarty on creativity: There are no rules, is the title! Well, one thing I assure you guys that it’s all lie! the book is SAYS NO RULES but on the contrary it is full of rules to follow towards creativity. When I started reading this book, I had no idea that it will be filled with examples and rules, some of the pages intrigued me a lot and made me read more and more of this book! Yea the book is pretty small just 127 pages to read! 

Hegarty on Creativity book cover

Hegarty on Creativity book cover

The best thing about this book was the simplicity of the content and no long chapters or paragraphs sort of things. To my spurs this book has a bit of humor and wit with funny cartoon illustration done by Hegarty. Yea it has impacted quite at large on my creative mindset and I definitely see stuff now from a new perspective in the context of creativity. 

The best advice or I rather say RULE I liked in this book were ‘REFLECTING’ and ‘TWOs COMPANY’, from the title it does seem to be a bit boring to read but it wasn’t. I realized how important it is to reflect on what work you produce not for yourself but for others too, if you reflect on what you do and analyze, you will notice where you can improve and what are your strengths, which will help you to grow as a creative person when the next time you produce your work. 

To talk about the TWOs COMPANY, the title itself is clear about the content which it will have, this was quite straightforward. It’s true one cannot be good at everything, if two people come together that is good but its even better to work with someone who has the skill which you are not confident of which will help you learn about that skill from a different way. I would definitely recommend this book to read for all the creative people out there or people who want to peruse a career in the creative field. 

Aastha x


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