Fashion and Beauty (Day 4)

Day 4 it is! I was so wanting to learn new stuff related to beauty and fashion and today’s lecture was almost of the same content. Fashion and beauty have a long story to talk about. Beauty industry is going big and is now a part of the fashion industry where the beauty experts talk about how to get a perfect catwalk look by combining the products which were used in the look for the customers to buy. There are many brands who follow up this. Sephora, SpaceNK are two stores who promote the looks which are seasonal and make-up of models which is done for the catwalk! For example, recently SpaceNK has done a make-up looks on how to create a perfect bohemian look. 





Today’s seminar was more targeted towards the group project which I would be doing with my teammates for the whole semester, it was quite interesting to know what the project will be like and guidelines for the same. The brief requires us to research and create a new brand in the highly competitive and saturated fragrance market. To understand this process better we were all allocated in our groups of four and we all had to write down our interest, our interpretation of bigger idea for the brand and the consumer needs! 

IMG_0364 IMG_0365

It was quite an experience for me as I had never interacted with my teammates before and I knew that exercise would get us interacting us about our dislikes, likes and the other stuff which we wanted to do. What all of us had in common was music, traveling but that’s just general. Coming up to the idea of BIGGER IDEA for the project we had settled for ‘Feminism’ as it is quite big to discuss, how has it impacted the fashion industry. To understand the ‘feminism concept’ better all of us have decided to do research on the sub topics of the same by dividing the work. Hopefully with the workload coming up in other few weeks, I will be able to keep up with the daily blog series as I promised to you all.


Aastha x


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