Kristen Stewart perfect celebrity for Balenciaga? (Day 9)

You all must have seen my previous posts regarding the perfume adverts, so this is a continuation post of that theme. Yesterday  I blogged about Collaboration and Endorsements and how celebrities play an important role for the same. To the contrary, today we all were given a task in our seminar to blog about a perfume advert endorsed by a celebrity who you think should not have done that advert and needs to be removed from the same. I believe every celebrity does standup to the requirements of advert. So it’s not like I’m attacking the celebrity on personal level basis, I will be putting my thoughts how does that advertisement could have been better by not having that celebrity. By now all you would have figured it something related to Kristen Stewart and Balenciaga. Here’s the advert of the same. 

Florabotancia advert featuring Kristen Stewart

Florabotancia advert featuring Kristen Stewart

First of all, I would like to talk about some brand values and essence of Balenciaga. Balenciaga is a French house founded by a Spanish designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga. The Brand identity and essence are to be chic, clean and luxury heritage. Seeing the name Florabotancia it is clear the fragrance is made up of florals and citrus elements. Kristen Stewart was chosen for the shoot campaign. Now looking at the aspects why this can’t work! Kristen is an American actress and the brand is French. Plus the brand essence and look is more towards luxury and heritage which Kristen is not able to portray that, having her can work in the favor of the brand as they can target consumers at a broader platform. Kristen became popular because of her acting in Twilight Saga, a romantic fantasy film. Keeping in the mind the point I just said, her image I believe is more towards the “fantasy” theme and I would categorize advert towards Trust and honesty. It could have been better if they chose someone who has image of looking more royal and luxurious. 

Hope you guys like it!

Aastha x


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