Perfumes based on the personality types? (Day 11)

Today’s lecture and seminar were more research orientated for our team project of launching our fragrance brand. Since our team is working on the theme of feminism, we have quite a lot to research on and decide what is important aspect for this fragrance brand, understanding the customer needs who are feminist. yea! 

This was one article I came across today on Facebook, regarding the perfumes based on personality types, I was intrigued by the title so I decided to read and put it in my blog, because my semester two is based on fragrance! So here’s the list of perfumes:

1. For the hopeless romantic: it is eclectic blend by Vince Camuto, with super flirty mix of amber and sandalwood base notes. One of the things that you’ll love about this perfume that it isn’t overpowering but still gets the job done. 


Amor, Vince Camuto

2. For the traveller: If you know a  guy who can’t help but be overcome with wanderlust at the thought of traveling to beautiful cities and foreign countries, this one is for them. Through the infusion of Ivory costal lemon, ripe, grapefruit, with spicy pimento, lavender and robust sage, Tommy Bahama’s Compass will captivate your adventurous friend’s eye.

TB0123_Compass Fragrance_Launch_16x20_m1.indd

Tommy Bahama: Compass

3. For the introvert: Not only is this perfume captivating, it’s also subtle enough for that introvert in your life to rock without feeling overly self-concious. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream adds a light and airy twist to the brand’s classic Daisy perfume. The best part about this fragrance is that it blends sweet notes without being obnoxious. From it’s fruity top notes (blackberry, grapefruit, pear) to the lighter jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria (not to mention fresh coconut water), this fragrance can do no wrong.


Marc Jacob: Daisy Dream

4. For the extrovert: for the outgoing, spontaneous and always the life of the party; if these three qualities perfectly describe you or your friend, look no further. There’s honestly no better representation of your best pal than this perfume that contain a sexy mix of peony, muguet and tender musk. Part of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Elizabeth and James collection, the nirvana white fragrance will seriously blow your mind. 

Elizabeth and James: Nirvana

Elizabeth and James: Nirvana

Well there is no hard and fast rule for buying perfumes what I mentioned and stick to this category but this was just a general viewpoint put forward here! Also don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to get my posts!

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha x


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