Importance of Front cover.. (Day 12)

Friday! yea weekend!! So today I got my result of first semester. It was decent enough but I know, I can produce much better work. All I have to do know is focus more on my areas of weakness to get a better grade in my semester two. By now, all of you must have figured that I’m going to talk about the importance of front cover. In one of my fragrance trend booklet project, we have to make booklet on inDesign, so to do that I’ve been watching tutorial online on how to create grids and make a proper booklet feel on InDesign, yea its quite helping me. 

It then suddenly struck me, the importance of front cover. be it any book! We all say don’t judge the book by its cover, but majority of us don’t standup to that notion. Especially in the fashion industry designing the front page of the book, magazine or portfolio is quite a task as you have to maintain the theme of the same, and plus you have to make it visually pleasing for the person to read more, if its visually compelling, people are bound to interact with it and read more. It is also important to make a note of what goes on the cover is relevant to what is inside the book! Like I made a mistake by designing the front cover of this booklet by sketching a perfume bottle and used water colors to illustrate it but then I thought to myself is this even relevant? Yea it should be isn’t? because its a fragrance bottle and I have the same project. right!? 

WRONG!! the answer would be only right if I had shown the illustration of perfume bottles in my trend booklet or I have the theme of illustrated perfume bottles, but sadly that isn’t the case! So I designed the front cover (it is still in the development stage), I might not even use what I’ve just created! ahh! creative people!! but at last, I can say I had lot of experimentation with the design of my front cover page!! and learnt something new, the importance of front cover!! so here is the mock-up version of my front cover! I’ve even attached the file to the watercolor mock-up front cover!

cover edit photoshop

this one is the illustrated bottle for the front cover, which is not looking compelling at all!

this is the digital coverpage designed the blank space is where the title of my project will come and my details!!

this is the digital coverpage designed the blank space is where the title of my project will come and my details!!

Critiquing your own work is not easy, because you see your work from the creative person perspective to actually get hold of that skill one needs to critique their work from the viewers point of view! 

Aastha x 


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