Flaunt co-ords, the hot trend.. (Day 13)

I thought to myself the whole week I’ve posting about the things which are related to my course, so for a change today I’m going to talk about the trends which are at rage! yea. 

Co-ords, or co-ordinate sets, are popular on the red carpet, celebs including, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Lauren Pope and Michelle Keegan have been spotted sporting them of late. So for all of those who don’t know what co-ords are, it is basically comprises a cropped top paired with a high-waisted, fitted skirt. here are some tips to keep in mind when opting for this fad!

1. Mind the gap! in  order to avoid making it look like a choli-skirt combo, the midriff baring should be minimal.

2. Silhouette style: make sure that the style is fitted. While pencil skirts can rock the trend, a loose, oversized top can be shabby. 

3. Waist it: the detailing on the waist should not be OTT- avoid belts, pleats, punching and frills. keep the waistline simple

4. Color correct: A monochrome look, albeit with similar prints, embroidery or embellishments, works best with co-ords. If you are opting for different colors, go with complementary patterns and prints. The top and bottom, should have common thread for the perfectly ‘co-ordinated’ look.

5. Top it right: fitted crop tops, and also blares and bustiers work well, but, try them only if you have an athletic body.


Kim Kardashian



Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Hope you guys liked it!

Aastha x


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