Fragrance Trends.. (Day 14)

So today, I was doing research on fragrance brands and trends which were popular in the past and the current trends in the fragrance market. It was quite a fact for me to know that the global fragrance market to reach upto $15.7 billion, natural ingredients re driving demands, creating more room and opportunities for innovation! Wow! $15.7 billion quite a lot of money!! While doing the research I had to understand the consumer behavior too! But that’s the later stage! Fragrance Trends report I’ve been reading reveals that all of emerging trends embrace a more earthy, autumnal edge which is perfectly suited to the new season. So to tell you what are the trends for the spring/summer 2015 in the fragrance industry, it pretty much goes with the idea of discussing the notes which perfume have, not the brands which are trending. here it is:

1. Rhubarb: bringing a fresh, green, lightly tart and a red berry note, rhubarb blends with fruity and floral aromas to create a subtle sharpness.

2. Mint: adding a cool, green note and a hit of spice, the addition to mint gives scents a natural lift.

3. Tea: offering a variety of delicate aromas, a renewed focus on tea, delivers a fresh and aromatic characters. 

4. Leather: Evident in both masculine and feminine fragrances, a leather note brings smoothness, warmth’s and even an animalistic direction. 

Hope you guys like it! 

Aastha x

P.S: I know this post doesn’t have any images like my other posts because in this post I’ve been talking about fragrances and their notes and it’s not possible to put visuals for the same! hope you guys understand 🙂


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