Luxury vs Economy? in fragrance.. (Day 15)

So again a new week starts at uni with a bang! I’ve quite happy with myself right now as I’m able to keep up with the daily blogging as I promised to my readers and have reached day 15! 

so yes there are luxury brands in the market and some of them are fragrance brands too and the same theory applies for the economic brands too. I wouldn’t really want to call the brands economic but I would like to say that their products are economically priced and some of the adverts of the economic sector of the fragrance market can be clichéd! not necessary all but some of them!

wg_guilty_for_her_web_2column Unknown

But there are many brands out there which have a better selling of products than economic ones, for e.g.: One direction perfumes would not have a better selling compared to a luxury brand like Gucci Guilty! There are many consumer out there who prefer luxury due to the brand value and essence which it has! These luxury perumes will look much better on social media like Instagram, on compared to One direction or any sort of that brand. In my opinion, if the prices of these luxury perfumes were reduced their sale will be up and they will be more popular. Fragrances from the fragrance house is for the older people but the fragrances from the fashion houses are for younger people. for e.g. Daisy by Marc Jacob is for the young people. If we look for perfumes online it would be hard to tell which one is by a fragrance house and which one is by a fashion house. but there is one difference as those fragrances from the fragrance house will be more clean and neat bottles. 

Daisy Dream

Daisy Dream


Hope you guys liked it. 

Aastha x


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