Snapchat wit.. in luxury v economy Fragrance? (Day 16)

Yesterday, I had posted some stuff related to luxury and economy in fragrance.. To understand it better, in our seminars yesterday we were told we had to choose a theme (our team chose luxury v economy) we categorized the brands. So I started with the ‘Snapchat’ wits! It’s not me ranting or disrespecting the content but it’s just the theme of going Anti as stated in my lecture! All the snapchat wits created here are for humor and wit. 

So today is my IT day, where we go for a lecture and a seminar which is all about the software, On Day 2, of my blog I’d mentioned about Indesign learning! yea! InDesign for me was like latin but with the help of tutorials I’m kind of happy with my progressing. My trend booklet is due this Thursday! yea! I’ve kind of finished the work but I still have to give the final touch-ups, so when I print it I will be uploading the same here!! Most of the inspiration for this booklet (basically for the layout) I got it from Pinterest, and I made a board too.. Here’s the link for pinterest board: 

the snapchat wits: photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4


Aastha x


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