Trends in Spring 2K15! (Day 17)

I’ve noticed that I’ve not posted anything related to spring trends till now but I now I’m going to post the same. I’ve been working on this trend booklet today the whole day figuring out the typeface and heading and keeping it simple with the theme of mine.. I wanted to keep it according to the theme I have so I had to download some fonts to do that.. Ah.. ya I will be putting the photos of my trend booklet tomorrow! I can’t wait! So yea! I was talking about the spring trends, so here they are:

1. Shirt Dress: The shirt-dress is anything but plain this season. While the classic shape remains the same, it is getting a revamp with drop waists, double high slits, and tropical prints.

Karen Millen Shirt Dress

Karen Millen Shirt Dress

2. Apron: The apron has cavorted out of the kitchen and onto the ramp as part of designer wear. It is showing up as a front flap on dresses and even as a pocketed attachment on shirts. This trend has the right amount of quirkiness and surprise.

3. Stringy necklace: Whether you are in a shirtless suit or a jump suit with a plunging neckline, all they need is a single accessory to make a bold statement -a stringy necklace with little stones all over it like speckles on your skin.

4. Floral headpiece: The floral trend has gone to everyone’s head this season, literally! Inspired by nature, these head pieces are no longer just for boho fans at music fests.

Floral headpiece

Floral headpiece

5. Blue and whites: Black and white is a classic that looks like it will continue to rule the fashion charts. However, if it’s too stark for you, look for blue-and-white combinations on your shopping sprees. You will be making an equally impactful statement without stopping traffic.

6. T-shirt and skirt:  The combination is so everyday and tomboyish, yet so unexpected that it works. Flared skirts ending at the knees and polo neck T-shirts go curiously well together for a comfortable day look.


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