Colored suits are in this Spring.. (Day 21)

A new month.. a new beginning! I’ve seen my previous posts and I’ve noticed since the time I’ve started blogging I’ve not talked about the men’s fashion feed! so for a change, I will talking about the men’s fashion!! It looks like the time has finally come for the guys to ditch their black and grey suits and bring in a little color to their wardrobe.

At the recently concluded Academy Awards, we all saw a slew of male actors ditch their conservative black suits and go in for colors. The ones that stood out in particular were Jared Leto’s Powder blue suit, David Oyelowo’s burgundy suit and not to forget Eddie Redmayne’s navy blue suit. And going by the trend, it looks like the spring is all about the color. Here’s how to go for the look without going overboard.


1. Keep it simple: Make sure the suit is simple and not too embellished, especially if you are going for something formal. You want to keep it classy, not flamboyant

2. Make sure the suit is the right cut: the way your suit is cut can make all the difference, Ensure that the suit is not to tight to loose. It should fit perfectly

3. Shoes matter too: The kind of shoes you wear with your suit is as important as the suit itself. Ensure your shoes don’t give away the stylishness of the suit. They need to match the color of the suit too.

4. Match up your tie: Tie can be a little tricky when it comes to matching them up with the colored suits. Go in for something that blends with your outfit and not to bling.


Aastha x


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