Handy makeup tricks for girls with glasses.. (Day 26)

I’ve noticed the last time when I talked about make-up tips were ages ago.. and I feel I need to expand the horizon of my blog from my reflections and learning of course, Fashion styling tips, so maybe once or twice a week I will also be talking about the make-up.

Let’s face it, there are so many ladies and girls out there who have glasses. Glasses are really gorgeous. Even I wear glasses.. Ya! I know trust me I don’t want to wear but I have to.. weak eyesight! 😛 Glasses and makeup can be tricky. Firstly one has to learn to put makeup on when they can’t see anything clearly. I know right!! so here some tips for carrying a good makeup look when wearing glasses

1. Less is more– Bobbi Brown had a point when she said that your glasses are already the focal point of your eyes. You’ve already got a gorgeous accessory on, so your eye make up can be simple. Go for neutral shades like beiges and amber shimmers, and save the brighter shades for your lips.

2. Eyeliner is the key– Learn to match your eyeliner to your glasses. If you’ve got thick frames, balance them out with thick eyeliner line to your upper lash line. If your frames are thin, go for a softer line.

3. Define your brows– We’ve already noted that your specs will draw attention to your eyes, so it’s vital that you keep your brows well groomed. I like to have mine threaded – it hurts, but not for long, and it suits me! You might want to pluck or trim your eyebrows yourself. Get rid of any straggly hairs and use a pencil to fill in sparse spots. Gorgeous.

4. Choose a mascara– Opt for volumising mascaras rather than lengthening ones. These will make your lashes look thick and luscious, but without adding length, which makes them less likely to brush up against your glasses.

5. Use a cat eye– ry a cat eye flick. A neutral or glittery eyeshadow, teamed with a thick black cat eye flick on the upper eye and lashings of voluminous #mascara will have your eyes standing out from miles away, and that’s before you’ve put your glasses back on.

hope you guys liked the insights! 🙂


Aastha xoxoxo


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