Choosing the advert from clothing brand.. (Day 28)

I’ve written a post before talking about my essay in which I’ve to choose a perfume advert from a clothing brand and talk about it. I kept my options open about D&G, DKNY, Tom Ford, Chanel etc. So doing further research on the same, I’ve decided to talk about Tom Ford for my essay. As I said before some of his adverts are quite controversial it will be really nice to explore my view points on the adverts and other opinions on the same. It is actually very different, there is no wrong thing, it’s just different way of thinking what makes that advert successful, it is the target audience of the brand.

Tom Ford logo

Tom Ford logo

Tom Ford has done many adverts in the past, (being the creative/art director for the shoot) but one fails to understand that he too has inspiration for shoot. Seeing the previous work done by him, I came across that his work has some hints of inspiration from Helmut Newton, a German-Australian fashion photographer. It would be a task to analyze the image not only from my point of view but from the point of a target audience point of view too.

hope you guys liked it!


Aastha xoxoxo


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