My style icon: Jaclyn Hill.. (Day 29)

Monday, Monday… new week! so in today’s seminar we were talking about style icons in the past and our favorite style icons. So we all had task of talking about our favorite style icon on our blogs, so here am I talking about style icons. I don’t really have a favorite style icon but I do like Jaclyn Hill.









Jaclyn Hill, she is a professional make-up artist and she is just 22 years old. She loves to shop from Nordstorm, Amazon, ASOS, Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Rebecca Minkoff, Sephora and many more. Why I can totally relate to her is that she does make-up looks which are so easy to create and it usually suits all kinds of skin tones. Like I said she is jus 22 years old but she has worked hard to reach at this position. You guys can also check her out. I will put the link to her site and her youtube channel.


hope you guys enjoyed it! 🙂


Aastha xoxoxoxo


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