Designing the layout of essay!

hi guys! I’ve talked before about my perfume advert essay as I will be taking Tom Ford’s  perfume advert and talk about it. Doing that won’t be task as there is so much to talk about the cultural references and the controversial aspect but putting the relevant content out of it can be one! 

By watching the videos online about InDesign has helped me a lot as this essay will be written on InDesign with a proper use of grids and images as of what we see in fashion magazines or for that matter any magazine!

I’m more of Vogue reader (any Vogue is good like Italia, US, UK, India etc) and glamour also works well for me. So I’ve taken inspiration from the magazine articles and I would be creating a replica of the same for my essay! the best thing about this essay is that not only you are learning something new about the brand but also how you will design your article and the front cover for the same (I have to create a replica of vogue magazine front cover for my essay)!! Hopefully I will do justice to the same. 

here are my inspiration for the article: 

cover page style001-3


hope you guys liked it! 🙂


Aastha xoxoxo


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