Planning the advert..

Planning the advert for our brand was not that easy. We all had ideas storming and we jotted them all down and then later analyzing each and every idea for the shoot and deciding of using one model for our shoot by having 3 different headshot for brand each representing a different persona i.e; beauty, charm and Joy! the three Graces (Greek Goddesses). for our inspiration of the shoot we had to decide what props we will be using, how the make-up will be etc, for that my teammates and I had created a board on Pinterest called Essentia. I’m putting the link down here.. you guys can check it and comment here how did find it..!! It will open in a new window so you guys can keep reading here.. 

To be honest this would be my first ever professional shoot, having a model and a photographer. I’m so excited!! As soon as I’m done with my shoot I will be updating the pictures here!! 

Hope you guys liked it


Aastha xoxoxo


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