Secret for a flawless foundation finish

Who doesn’t want to achieve a flawless finish with their foundation!? foundation is the base for all the other makeup. There are some secrets one can use to get the perfect finish that one has been dreaming of.

1. Don’t settle for a wrong shade!- sometimes it is difficult to find a shade that matches your skintone but that does not mean that you will settle down with a shade lighter (it can make your skin appear to be grey). always look at your foundation in different lighting before you make the decision, it should appear as your skin, only better. should not appear patchy, flaky or grey.

2. Add a primer- some women have a better success with their foundation when they use their foundation when they use a primer. if the foundation tends to fade away in few hours, use primer for long-lasting.

3. Less is sometimes more- one common mistake that women make with their foundation is wearing too much. the goal of the foundation is to even out your skintone and conceal imperfections.

4. Change foundations with seasons- one foundation may not work for you all year round. you may need to change the shades with seasons. most of us have a bit more natural color to our skin during warm weather than during the long winter months. Test your foundation every few months to see if its still the right shade for you.

5. Use a brush or a beauty blender- using a brush or a beauty blender can change the whole outlook on foundation. it is completely different of wearing it.

hope you guys liked it! 🙂


Aastha xoxoxo


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