these photos prove that you need to wear a midi this spring and summer! (Day 31)

hi guys! I’m back again with my daily blogging series!!! yeaaaa!! for all my readers out there, you don’t get confused I’m going to continue the days as they were left. So a new month with a new beginning and new blogging series with loads of tips on styling, makeup, life and most importantly my update on my course work (the branding project).

being a designer, I find inspiration in everything, so I was just surfing pinterest and I saw these amazing photos taken of women wearing midi skirts, and I thought to myself it will be great to share it here!

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my personal favourite is the tulle one, where she is carrying a Celine bag. The look is quite whimsical.

image courtesy-

hope you guys liked it!! 🙂


Aastha xoxoxo


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