Stealing tips from Kendall Jenner! (Day 50)

Kendall Jenner is said to one of the fashionistas around! she is extremely fashionable. Not only she comes from most stylishly family in Hollywood but also she is also a supermodel. here are some style tips!

1. High waist and crop tops- when you are as tall as Kendall then you can rock any crop top with highwaisted jeans and team it up with super tall heels.


2. Keeping hair straight and minimal makeup- Kendall tends to keep her hair pretty sleek. If it’s not pulled back in a pony or top knot, it’s usually down and straight.


3. Being minimal and bold at the same time- Even if her style is minimal, though, she’s always making a style statement. Her style is bold in its simplicity. Whether she adds a dramatic coat or she wears a jumpsuit. 


4. rocking the middle part- She’s been rocking the middle part for years now, and if you can’t quite lock down her look.

hope you guys like it! 🙂

Aastha xoxoxo

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