My future plans! (Day 52)

hey guys! how are you today? so yesterday I had my last seminar and lecture of my first year! yea! time flies. It feels like yesterday I was entering Uni as a fresher.! so in our last seminar we were talking about our future plans and students who had a similar or same future plans they ended up in the same group and discussed on how to achieve those goals!
I’m very interested in doing fashion styling and photography. doing a research on this i got to know its a long way to go. Firstly I need to a course in photography, and styling. and build my portfolio. Honestly that will take a while. but to get it started I will be watching youtube videos on tips and tricks on working with a professional camera and building my photography portfolio by spotting street trends. so I will be volunteering for styling for shoots and doing my own photography in set with the art directors (student art directors for projects). Since photography is so diverse I’ve would be working on post production as well. Ever since i completed my foundation in visual arts I was sure of one thing having post production skills will be handy. I will soon make a website for my photography and actively promote it. Just imagine working with Vogue editors and art directors on photoshoots, getting to shoot in exotic locations!! I know you guys must be thinking she is dreaming too big! but my belief is Dreams don’t work unless you do! 

Hope you guys liked it! 🙂

Aastha xoxoxo

P.S- I know this is not something like my usual posts but this is one of online journal entry!


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